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Calgary Autism Conference
Coast Plaza Hotel
See the top physicians and researchers in Autism!
August 16th and August 17th 2003
More in Depth Information on the Conference Soon!
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Speakers include:

Dr. Mark and David Geier-Father and son team who has done the most extensive research to date on the link between thimerosal, vaccine safety, and autism.

Dr. Vijendra Singh -researcher and immunologist whose research points to a possible link between MMR and autism

Dr. Stephanie Cave -DAN! Physician who is an expert on toxic metals in autism and has written a book on vaccine safety and children.

Dr. William Shaw-lab director and researcher from The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. who is the author or Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD

Dr. Michael Brown- naturopath who is an expert on the use of vitamins, herbs, and homeopathy in autism

Lori Knowles (Parent who is an expert on gluten and casein free diets.)

Dr. Woody Mcginnis- a physician who is an expert on nutrition, biochemistry, heavy metals and autism

Dr. Mary Megson-physician who discovered that many children with autism have a deficiency in Vitamin A.

Researcher(s) from the University of Calgary on mercury toxicity.

Early, Early, Bird Registration $199 Canadian before June 15th

Registration Fee is approximately $299 Canadian before July 15th

And approximately $399 Canadian after July 15th

Lunch is $15 each day

A special Dinner banquet will be held Saturday Night for $45

Note Registration cost will be billed at $145 , $220 U.S. for the early bird registrations and $290 U.S. if they pay after early registration. Great Plains Laboratory reserves the right to increase the Canadian prices due to currency fluctuation, but will never increase the U.S. prices listed above. See currency converter to determine current rate of exchange. Registration will be billed as soon as possible, and whatever the current rate of exhchange is.

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